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Marks April 2017 20 years since a year ago Robert Kiyosakis Rich Dad Poor and Dad first made waves in finance personally a year ago becoming the 1st all-time personal money book in dozens of languages ​​and sold rich worldwide Dad Poor and Dad Roberts is a story of growing up with two fathers, his real father and his father-in-law or his father rich. His and the ways in which he shaped both men and women and your inner thoughts about money and investing a book that explodes myths you need To Earn To Earn A High Income To Be Rich Explains the difference between working for a money back guarantee and making a business call just for you owner 20 Years 2020 Hindsight in the 20th Anniversary Edition This classic from Robert contains what weve learned Over the course of 20 years related to money-back guarantee investing and global economics sidebars over the course of a book that takes readers fast forward from 1997 to today, Robert assesses how the principles of Taught By His and Dad are rich in several ways for the longest possible message. Among Rich Dad, Poor and Dad, the letters that were criticized two decades ago are more relevant and have important meaning today than they are 20 years ago as always readers can expect them to be Robert’s candid, insightful, and persistent rock music. More than a few boats in his retrospective There will be little surprises Reliance on it rich Dad Poor and Dad explodes the myth that you need to earn a high income to become rich Challenges that your home is a profit Shows parents depend on WHY They Cant system School to Teach Their Children About Money Determines Once and Forever Responsibility Teach You Money What To Teach Your Children About Money Determines Future Financial Success


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